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Things to do

The campsite il located between ground and sea,
near the village of Plouguerneau


Discoveries and leisures :

PLOUGUERNEAU initially is represented by the sea with its 45 kilometers of coasts and littoral paths. Bordered on a side by the English Channel and on the other by the exceptional Aber Wrach (arm of the sea penetrating the earth deeply), PLOUGUERNEAU is kept by the mythical lighthouse of the Virgin Island, the highest of Europe. The Greve Blanche campsite is among the first to have the largest and morst sheltered beaches of PLOUGUERNEAU.

Close to the campsite, the municipal Nautical Club will either initiate you or improve your skills in the various maritime activities (10 minutes walking from the Greve Blanche campsite).

+ Breizhenson carriage rides, located a stone’s throw from the campsite..


Culture and inheritance : 

PLOUGUERNEAU has also the feet on ground, with an inheritance and a very rich culture. There are several Churches and Vaults (of which the Vault Michel Saint located at 100 meters of the sea and 500 meters of the campsite of Greve Blanche), and curiosity Iliz Coz: a necropolis medieval with many tombs of Knights and paintings; a village hidden under sands at 2 minutes by foot of the Greve Blanche campsite.

You will also find there a bridge built by the devil in one night… At last a visit at the Ecomusée des Goémoniers will make you live the evolution of this difficult work.


PLOUGUERNEAU has multiple faces for you to discover :

  • Sea-trips: Virgin Island and its lighthouse, the Aber Wrach, nearby islands…
  • Weekly markets in PLOUGUERNEAU and LILIA (day and night).
  • NANNICK WORKSHOP : workcraft industry, exhibition and pottery trainings.
  • Gribouille workshop: painting exhibitions, school and training courses of drawing.
  • The Cavalcade: horse or pony trips on the dunes.
  • Tennis Club, the Paluden rowing Club…

Various tours

And different services are naturally available in PLOUGUERNEAU :

Different warm and nice shopkeepers.
Two large stores to get everything you need.
A large number of restaurants: seafood, creperies, pizzerias…
The night and festive part with nightpubs and two clubs at 1 kilometer from the Greve Blanche Campsite.

Other information

In Plouguerneau, rest yourself 
and discover the authenticity…